Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is Where the Time has Gone

Honestly I haven't felt much like blogging. The weather has been too intoxicating to be sitting at my computer for hours upon hours (because I do more than just blog when I decide to start up this old thing--the computer, not me). Perhaps it's because I have more personal [good] news than art news and I try not to get too "dear diary" in here. It's not like I haven't been sitting, just not at my computer, haha. My crafting/work table is in front of my living room windows, so I have great lighting, fresh air, etc. Now with the Netflix streaming into the Wii I can have many options of inspiring background noise (two words: DARK SHADOWS)! Also something to help me be more creative/productive is this week (starting yesterday) I will go dry. Not one drop of alcohol. (what was that statement about no "dear diary" entries?) Ironically enough my boyfriend and I went to my favourite bar (Stocks & Blondes) yesterday to inquire if they serve non-alcoholic beer (i.e: O'Douls) but no luck. So we ate dinner there instead :) I hear you're supposed to lose weight when you stop drinking, but I don't think it works if you substitute drinks with food!

So, what is happening in a more art wise way? I had another gallery show at 1901, so I have more paintings to show off. In this show I did more of a creature feature. I did end up repeating "Feed The Birds" merely because it fit into the theme. The two paintings in a previous post, "Austin" & my Untitled Frozen Ghosty, were part of the show. Here are their companions:


She is a drawing I am constantly working with and have always wanted as a painting. When I first created her she was to be part of an on-going series of illustrations, but I never got around to it. However, I've been told by a couple of people that I should make a cohesive collection of paintings/illustrations with this theme/style.

Untitled Fright

A painting that was first featured in Gothic Art Chicago's Kilter Magazine. And this actually sold at the show to a fellow artist (http://www.judgehydrogen.com/)


He's kind of this lab working, child molesting creature. I almost want to keep working on this. Perhaps make the background more dirty and add a few more features to his face.


Basically an emotive self-portrait (if that's the correct term). I was having trouble with her mouth when my boyfriend suggested having her mouth stapled or sewn shut. Which automatically reminded me of a Tales From the Darkside episode. It featured an obese woman who was trying, to no avail, to lose weight. Her last attempt ended in her hallucinating that food felt pain and were talking/living creatures so she couldn't bear to eat anything. The episode ended in her sewing her mouth shut. However my version of Cure is more of an alcohol statement, as you an see my lady is a bit yellow from liver failure :P


This is a work in progress, but I featured it anyhow. I also have a couple of other ideas for this particular subject so I think it'll end up being a great series to work on. This is based off a crack in the subway that I took a picture of and this is what my Rorschach interpretation is. Actually, alot of my creature paintings are based off of spots/stains/cracks/wall paper designs where I do a Rorschach-esque analysis and see all of these weird images.

As usual some of these are on sale at my Etsy shop, so by all means check it out. They are also up on Deviant Art if you'd merely like a print. http://eraserhappy.etsy.com/

There should be more updates sooner than later. I have a craft faire at The 1901 Gallery/Theatre this Sunday (June 6th) from 3:00pm-8:00pm. (1901 W. Belmont, entrance at Wolcott) I'll be featuring some new products. Jewelry, charms, keychains, buttons, etc.

Comments are always welcome. Take care everyone.