Friday, April 16, 2010

I Need to Spend More Time on my Back!

This is very unrelated to art, but I'll try to add a little something at the end. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor to get the results of my x-rays. The results were anything but positive. My spine is curvy, but not in a sexy way. My hip is tilted which leads to the curve in my lower spine. This is causing my spine to push into my reproductive organs, thus causing all the horrible issues I have with my monthly menstruation. I have a slight curve in the upper section as well. My neck is by far the worse part. It's a bit horrifying to see my x-ray compared to an x-ray of what my neck is supposed to look like. A normal neck is supposed to be curved. The top is at, I think, a 29 degree angle; mine is at an 8 degree angle. The lower part is, again I think, at a 45 degree angle; mine is at 9 degrees. That's quite a difference. Here's (my best illustration ever) a quick drawing of what I speak of:

I have to go three times a week for adjustments and strengthening/corrective exercises. There is alot of money being sunk into this (my insurance is crap and only wanted to pay for 6 out of the 36 visits), and thus I'm making a few lifestyle changes. Not only that, but I'm tired of feeling like shit. My back & neck are constant bothers in my everyday living, and because I've ignored it I'm in really bad shape and it's going to take years upon years to correct the damage I've done. My life is finally something I can be happy with, something I'm so proud of, and if I'm going to enjoy my accomplishments and keep making strides, I want to do it in good health. I've been a hard ass about life; nothing bothers me, I can handle it, if my body doesn't like it then it can shut down and die...etc. I've never riddled my body with narcotics, but I have put alot of alcohol and caffeine in it and I've treated it like a punching bag. I'm not saying that I'm going dry & switching to decaf and that I'm not going to be a hard worker; I'm just going to cut back and realize I even have limits. It's not the Batman way, but it'll have to do. I will say it is absolutely killing me to not crack my own neck! I'm afraid if I do it'll undo the adjustment I had yesterday. I am very dedicated to this. I hate sleeping on my back (I'm a side sleeper) but I tried last night. I woke up a few times wanting to turn over, but as usual I bullied my body :)

I want to be able to paint and draw without having to take numerous breaks by laying on my back because of the burning pain. It'd be nice to cook a meal without having to put IcyHot (am I allowed to name a brand?) on afterwords. I would love to have normal cramps instead of ones that cause me to be doubled over in pain; a period that doesn't cause nausea and fever, (However, I would still like to receive the enlarged breasts).

So here I go on the road to recovery. I'm sure there will be some art work on the way that is inspired by my emotions and experiences.

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